'Love and Dazzle' (Lamb-K. 2006)

'Love and Dazzle' (Lamb-K. 2006)
A Loon Song Gardens daylily introduction.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Welcome to Loon Song Gardens!

A new gardening season begins, and with it my new blog. I am excited to share what is happening at Loon Song Gardens.

For those who have not yet visited, we are a state licensed and inspected home-based nursery located just 30 minutes northwest of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tall Scots pine trees surround our 4 1/2 acres, and we have filled just about every sunny spot with display beds of daylilies, conifers, ornamental grasses, and a variety of shrubs.

During peak bloom in July, visitors can meander along grassy paths and let the daylilies bedazzle them--we grow over 1,000 named varieties--or they can relax in a shady spot and enjoy the view.

We are open by appointment, so drop us an email and let us know when you would like to visit.

Spring is sending us into our gardens early this year, and it's grand! Sunny skies and cool breezes invigorate after weeks of working indoors. We are already hearing the loons from nearby Elm Creek Park Reserve. We could not believe our ears the first time we heard their calls, and it is always a thrill to know they have returned each spring. We enjoy a fox family each year, too, and I spotted one trotting across the yard in the early morning last week. Soon a new litter of fox kits will be romping through the garden.

Other beautiful signs of spring: the big white flowers of the 'Royal Star' magnolia are open, the buds on the eastern redbud look rosy, and delicate flowers cover our young serviceberry. Oh--and bird song! It is all simply gorgeous right now.

The daylilies seem eager as well. Their foliage is beautiful in the spring, especially the dormant varieties. Pristine, fresh green shoots proclaim the excitement has begun. I expect to see scapes any day now on some. With such an early start, bloom season should be spectacular.

I recently finished updating our website. Please take a look! I especially hope you enjoy the new photo gallery. Let me know if you have any questions or run across something that needs fixing. I really do appreciate your comments.

We look forward to a great season and hope yours is wonderful, too.


  1. Let me be your Number One always!

  2. And Sweden is number two! Nice to have a daylily friend at Blogspot. Welcome to my blog too. Happy gardening!

  3. Great blog and beautiful web site, see you soon!